Miron Tokarski in Forbes once more!

Forbes published a list of 30 young people whose names may not yet ring a bell for everyone but whose great potential is already recognised by the creators of the ranking who believe that their ideas will change business, science, and our society. We are proud that Miron Tokarski, CEO at Genomtec, was included in the ranking.

The “30 before 30” list is like a collection of curious cases. It includes megalomaniac visionaries telling tall tales about the future as well as people who seem unreasonably self-deprecating in view of their portfolio of achievements. There are also programmers, lawyers, biotechnologists, and economists there in addition to businessmen letting off steam in car races or rock bands. There is no shortage of entrepreneurs, managers, and scientists on the list. They differ considerably but have one thing in common: talent. Mostly talent for hard work.

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Thank you for this distinction!