We are back to the European Startup Days

Do you remember how last year our mobile laboratory was the most exciting product during the Start-up Challenge? In other words, do you remember the European Startup Days – a competition accompanying the European Economic Congress where Genomtec won the title of the best start-up in the health & biotechnology category? Now, another edition of the European Startup Days is knocking at the door. On this occasion, we would like to wish all start-up creators that their pitches on the Congress stage are successful. And, last but not least, we would like to encourage those who are still undecided to try their hand.

  • Some investors are not interested in start-ups because they are doubtful about their technologies and discouraged by the fact that their businesses are still at the seed stage. However, it is much easier to find and win them if you can present your undertaking at a quality event under a recognised brand like the European Economic Congress in Katowice, explains Miron Tokarski, Genomtec CEO and founder. – This can add considerably to a trustworthy image of your company and attract the attention of all investors, even those who are not present during the European Start-up Days, adds he.

Secondly, we feel honoured that we can invite you to listen to the speech of Miron Tokarski on the European Start-up Days stage. Miron was invited to share his experience and tell the audience how to successfully deal with success in order to fully exploit its potential rather than rest on one’s laurels.

Miron’s keynote: “YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH. Awards… and What’s Next?” will be delivered on 15 May at the Spodek Arena’s mezzanine (Antresola Spodek) between 01.30 pm and 02.15 pm.

Last year’s series of debates, meetings and events accompanying the European Economic Congress attracted 11,500 guests from Poland and abroad, representing economy, politics, science and media. On the other hand, the previous edition of the European Start-up Days saw the audience above 2500 people, in the opinion of whom it was a unique networking platform for start-ups and mature businesses. We fully subscribe to this opinion and invite you to the next edition of the European Start-up Days on 14–15 May in Katowice.