25% of antibiotics are prescribed unnecessarily

Abuse of antibiotics is a growing problem. A new study published by the BMJ estimates that 25% of prescriptions for antibiotics are unnecessary. And if these drugs are overused or misused, they may become ineffective as bacteria develop resistance to them. The study authors warn that the number of antibiotic resistant bacteria is on the rise. Consequently, there will be fewer and fewer and finally no effective antibiotics actually available to patients who really need them.

The Genomtec team knows the solution to the problem. Our portable laboratory, Genomtec ID combines mobility, ease of use and speed of analysis with a professional amplification and detection of specific DNA and RNA fragments. In just 15 minutes it is able to detect, with the accuracy of 100%, the presence of DNA or RNA in the genetic material (blood, saliva, urine or any other biological material). As a result, doctors can identify the virus, bacterium or fungus and thus prescribe an appropriate medicine.

We recommend that you read the entire article at the TIME website.