Genomtec starts pilot work with Amplus as part of the Pilot Maker programme

Genomtec’s technology has been chosen for a pilot implementation by the Pilot Maker programme experts, managed by TechBrainers in cooperation with Tauron, Kross and Amplus. The Genomtec team will conduct a pilot implementation in cooperation with Amplus, one of the leading Polish producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables. Using the potential of our technology, coupled with the sensitivity and specificity of molecular diagnostics, we are going to adapt our mobile diagnostic solutions for a quick identification of environmental contamination directly on agricultural areas.

– “Amplus will test various types of solutions, ranging from IT-based ones (a purchasing platform for fruit and vegetable producers), through solutions related to safety and durability of fruit and vegetables, which will employ some advanced and innovative methods and compounds to prevent food waste, and ending with an advanced technological solution in the form of a handy device for environmental contamination diagnostics with the original SNAAT™ detection method,” says Katarzyna Rybicka, Member of the Board and Director of Strategy and Development.

The Pilot Maker is implemented as part of the Scale up Competition, co-financed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development under the Smart Growth Operational Programme for 2014-2020. This is the first competition under the government programme “Start In Poland”. The initiative is to bring together the potential of creative novice entrepreneurs with the infrastructure, experience and resources of large corporations, including state-owned companies.