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We are the creators of Genomtec ID, a mobile platform for genetic diagnostics at the point of patient care. We have just obtained our CE-IVD Mark for the GenomtecID Respiratory Panel 5-Plex (RP5-PLEX) which detects viruses and bacteria causing respiratory tract infections, the only solution of this kind in Europe. See more >>



Genomtec appoints new Chief Technology Officer

Genomtec has appointed Richard Moore as the new Chief Technology Officer to drive its next generation of products and systems. Richard replaces Jason Reece who announced his intentions to retire. Richard Moore joins from GeneDrive where he most recently served as the Head of Engineering and comes with over 25 years of experience in new […]


Genomtec continues to add distributors for its flagship Genomtec®ID platform product and genetic respiratory tests in Europe

Genomtec has secured an additional distributor for its Gentomec®ID portable testing platform and RP5-PLEX panel for detecting respiratory tract infections in Europe by entering into an agreement with ForLab SA. Forlab is the second distributor of the Company’s flagship platform after the Greek company Atropos. ForLab has become Genomtec’s exclusive sales partner in Belgium, the […]


Genomtec®ID Respiratory Panel 5-Plex (RP5-PLEX) for the detection of respiratory tract infections has received CE-IVD certification as the only solution of its kind in Europe

Genomtec has obtained the CE-IVD mark for its flagship solution, the Genomtec®ID Respiratory Panel 5-Plex (RP5-PLEX) diagnostic panel for the detection of pathogens causing respiratory diseases. This is the only diagnostic panel of its kind that simultaneously tests for the presence of as many as 5 viruses and bacteria in the same test and which, […]