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We are the creators of Genomtec ID, a mobile platform for genetic diagnostics at the point of patient care. We have just obtained our CE-IVD Mark for the GenomtecID Respiratory Panel 5-Plex (RP5-PLEX) which detects viruses and bacteria causing respiratory tract infections, the only solution of this kind in Europe. See more >>



Genomtec received positive evaluation of Grant in Oncology Diagnostics from the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and the European Funds for a Modern Economy program

The Genomtec project, titled “Development of technology and an automatic system for mutation detection in clinical oncology based on lab-on-a-chip solutions and isothermal nucleic acid amplification techniques,” is among 198 applications positively evaluated by PARP in the SMART FENG.01.01-IP.02-001/23/2023 action within the European Funds for a Modern Economy program.


Genomtec S.A. expands its Genomtec ID platform to oncology and has filed a patent application specific to oncology diagnostics

Genomtec has successfully completed the expansion of its Genomtec ID platform in the field of oncological diagnostics and has filed a patent application for a new method developed by the company. This method involves isothermal amplification of nucleic acids for the detection of genetic variants used in oncological diagnostics. “We are very pleased that the […]


The M&A process runs in parallel with research and development activities

– We are concentrating our efforts on multiple areas that are directly linked to the Genomtec ID platform. Our main focus lies in conducting comparative studies in France and Poland of the Genomtec ID platform and the 5-plex panel for detecting respiratory tract infections. The objective is to register these products under the IVD Regulation […]