Genomtec receives the third patent based on the LAMP technique

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DCM DOLMED S.A. is becoming the reference laboratory for products offered by Genomtec S.A.

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Genomtec ID is a handy, innovative diagnostic device. It is based on the amplification and detection of specific DNA and RNA fragments, i.e. the gold standard of molecular diagnostics. Studies involving Genomtec ID can be performed both in humans and animals as well as in agriculture, food industry and environmental contamination control.

The analyzer operates based on the innovative INAAT nucleic acid amplification technology (Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology). Both the original method of detection SNAAT ™ (Streamlined Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology) and the device are protected by international patent applications.

Genomtec technology, while still in further development, already has a number of implementation possibilities in many areas of medicine, including the liquid biopsy, immunological or biochemical tests. The innovativeness of the SNAAT ™ method and Genomtec technologies allows the company to constantly develop the patent cloud, which guarantees stability and economic development of the company.







20 minutes from sample to result

Groundbreaking ease of use

It is enough to apply a drop of biological material, the examination does not require prior sample preparation

Wide range of applications

The analyzer can be used by professionals, including family doctors, pediatricians, oncologists, veterinarians, scientists, but also ordinary consumers

Radically lower costs

Lower price of a single test compared to any other available technologies


Up to 10 channels of research during 1 test

Global database

Analyzers provide anonymized information on global outbreaks of specified diseases


The device works independently and automatically, it is enough to apply a drop of biological material to the reaction card and then place it in the analyzer. The device will automatically test the material and provide the result. The test result can be sent directly from Genomtec ID to an e-mail address or exported to electronic medical record systems.

The biological materials testable in the device include:

  • Blood
  • Sputum
  • Swab
  • Body fluids
  • Salivia
  • Urine
  • Tissue
  • Cerebrospinal fluid


Genomtec SNAAT™ RealTime-PCR
Time needed for sample preparation0 min20 min
Time until the result acquisition20 min90 min
Specificityup to 100%up to 100%
Automation of the diagnostic processfullpartial

We provide the best possible diagnostic parameters – sensitivity, specificity, detection limit, reproducibility and repeatability of the analyzes. To make this possible, SNAAT technology uses 3 basic solutions from the field of molecular biology:


Extraction of genetic material directly on the reaction card

Thanks to the closed lab-on-chip analysis system, it is not necessary to pre-isolate the genetic material, the device requires but the application of biological material to the reaction card. In this way, the possibility of contamination of the tested sample, for example with genetic material originating from the environment, is minimized. Moreover, the method simultaneously minimizes the risk of inhibiting the amplification reaction by chemical and biological substances, which could be present in a sample of blood, fluid from body cavities or tissue in case the analyzed sample would be kept in its native form.


Compaction of the genetic material

The use of genetic material concentration system on the reaction card results in a significant decrease in the detection limit of the genetic material of a pathogen without the need to increase the volume of the amplification reaction. It is hence possible to detect an infection earlier, which speeds up the process of selection of the appropriate means of therapy.


The use of the technique of isothermal amplification of genetic material

The SNAAT technology, in contrast to the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) developed in 1983, uses not 2 but 8 oligonucleotide sequences – which are the primers of the reaction. As a result, the probability of amplifying the genetic material other than the one targeted by the test decreases significantly. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art enzymes responsible for specific amplification of a pathogen’s DNA or RNA in diagnostic kits results results in shortening the amplification time to even 10 minutes, as it no longer requires the use of cycles of temperature changes.

How does GENOMTEC ID work?

Current solutions in molecular diagnostics require the user to be able to use diagnostic equipment and have specific knowledge on proper sample preparation. The SNAAT ™ method combines mobility with an incredible simplicity of testing. An intuitive and simple test can be performed by anyone – without any need for previous training.


Apply biological material to the reaction card


Place the reaction card in the device


Run the test


After 20 minutes you will get the test result