Genomtec technology is the first technology in the world based on the gold standards of molecular diagnostics. This is a breakthrough solution, which does not require the support of experienced diagnostics or modern laboratories. Fast, inexpensive and reliable diagnostics is the dream of many doctors, veterinarians, parents, patients and scientists. It is also a condition for humanity to be able to effectively fight such threats as growing antibiotic resistance, increase in the number of cancer cases, or complications due to bacterial and viral infections.

Dr Charles Winiarski

Genomtec combines confidence in molecular diagnostics with simplicity and cost reduction.

The Genomtec team is a unique combination of experienced individuals from various fields with a common passion for creation. We work as a group of young, ambitious scientists, constructors and experienced managers. Everyday, we rely on our hands-on experienced scientists as well as our experts in commercialization, especially in building and enforcing effective market strategies.


Genomtec will be one of the few producers of mobile molecular analyzers in the world as well as the only one on the European market.

Thanks to Genomtec solutions, the use of molecular technologies will be simpler than ever: it is enough to apply biological material to the reaction card and run the analyzer. The test can be performed by anyone; it is as easy as – for example – a glucose meter test. The company’s goal for 2019-2021 is to develop and test commercial prototypes of analyzers and reaction cards.


  • Development of a comprehensive, professional, mobile DNA and RNA analyzer that is truly innovative on a global scale
  • The technology has been tested prior to the beginning of research and development activities aiming at the creation of the analyzer prototypes
  • Pending patent application for the original diagnostic method concerning the means of detection of genetic material in a biological sample and equipment for its implementation
  • A constantly developing patent cloud
  • Displacement of standard diagnostic equipment based on the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) method by modern INAAT methods (Isothermal Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology)
  • 100-fold greater sensitivity of INAAT technology compared to commonly used PCR methods
  • Versatility of applications: diagnostic tests, oncological tests, veterinary tests, self-tests
  • First such technology in Europe and one of only a few in the world
  • Forecasted high profitability of operations, resulting from the provision of diagnostic services based on original patented technology
  • The value of the global molecular diagnostics market in 2015 was USD 5.98 billion, in 2020 it is expected to amount to almost USD 9.5 billion
  • When it comes to the use of the INAAT method the molecular diagnostics market notes a 12.9% increase per annum, the fastest among all technologies. In 2015, it was worth USD 1.12 billion and by 2020 it is expected to amount to USD 2.05 billion.
  • The oncology research segment is growing at a rate of 17.4% per year. Its value is expected to double in 2015-2020, reaching USD 2.33 billion per year.