Genomtec starts public offer

Genomtec S.A. has launched an initial public offering of up to 730,000 J-series shares. The maximum price per share was agreed at PLN 11. The Company plans to raise funding of approx.  8 million PLN. After shares registration, they will represent 8.9% of the overall Company’s share capital. The funding will secure industrialization process and also global commercialization of the Genomtec ID platform. Company’s goal is to debut on the NewConnect Stock Exchange market at GPW in Q1 2021.

Shares issue process will proceed in a form of an initial public offering, based on the information enclosed in the Memorandum. The book-building process is planned for period of 14th to 22nd October, whereas the public official  announcement of the price per issued share is estimated on 23rd. Shares’ subscription process shall be opened from 23rd October
to 4th November. The shares’ allocation stage is scheduled for 5th November, 2020.