Genomtec distinguished as part of Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme

Genomtec was among four start-ups whose solutions were appreciated and rewarded by the jury of Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme, the largest European grant programme. EUR 20 000 of funds from the Horizon 2020 programme will be used for further developing a technology used at Genomtec Fresh for faster identification of pathogens in the soil, in plants, in water, and in food.

Horizon 2020 is the largest programme for funding scientific research and innovation in the history of the European Union so far. Its budget for 2014 to 2020 is almost EUR 80 billion. The programme is aimed at developing a uniform innovation funding system for innovations, from their scientific concept, through the research stage, to actual implementation of new solutions, products, or technologies.

The grant awarded to Genomtec is to be transferred in full as an advance payment, its amount to be defined by the committee of the competition. Genomtec has to use the grant and account for its use until the end of the calendar year.

A grant from European Funds may be used for purposes such as:

  • purchasing fixed assets
  • purchasing intangibles
  • training for employees and managers
  • participating in fairs, exhibitions, and economic missions
  • scientific research (carried out by external companies)
  • purchasing raw materials and tools for developing  a prototype
  • other (justified in view of the business activity pursued – with prior approval from the party implementing the programme).

Climate-KIC is an European initiative meant for companies operating in sectors such as environmental protection, sustainable development, energy efficiency, climate protection, healthy food production technologies, renewable energy sources, ecological construction, and other related lines of business.

The programme is being implemented in 11 regions within the European Union and in Switzerland. In Poland, Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. has been implementing the programme since 2014.

You can find more information about the competition here.