The work we do involves a plan to build a breakthrough device. Genomtec ID will be able to verify the presence of the sought DNA or RNA in the biological material up to 100 percent accuracy just within 15 minutes. The use of the SNAAT ™ method in the Genomtec ID analyzer allows it to test and diagnose:

Parasite infections

To perform the test one will need only one drop of biological material*. It is over 100 times less than in traditional PCR solutions!

*One drop of biological material will be utilised for mutation detection. In order to achieve high specificity of infection detection 200 microliters of sample will be utilised for analysis – this is equivalent of 4 drops of blood.

Tests performed with the Genomtec ID analyzer will not require prior preparation of the test material – which significantly reduces both the time and costs of testing. Carrying out tests using the Genomtec ID analyzer will also not require the user to have any diagnostic or laboratory experience.

Visualization of the prototype of the Genomtec ID device


  • Hospitals
  • Veterinarians
  • Academic institutions
  • Private Practices
  • Laboratories
  • Patients