Genomtec is a complete research and scientific ecosystem. Thanks to the access to the highest class laboratories, experienced diagnostics and world-class experts in the field of genetics, the company provides research and diagnostic services for enterprises and individual clients.

Business services
Business services

  • Design of primers for PCR reactions, RealTime-PCR, HRM PCR, LAMP Details Details
  • Diagnosis of soil pathogens Details
  • Electrophoresis analysis Details
  • Sequencing with Sanger and NGS techniques Details
  • Analysis of environmental tests Details
  • Identification of species of bacteria, fungi, plants, viruses and animals Details
  • Preparation of RealTime-PCR analysis kits (qPCR) and LAMP Details
  • Bioinformatic analysis of DNA sequences Details

Dr Małgorzata Małodobra-Mazur
Genetics and diagnostic processes specialist

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