We are changing the world for the better!

If a farmer could quickly check whether there are no fungi, nematodes or crop-threatening bacteria in soil and be 100% sure that the diagnosis is correct, he could not only significantly reduce crop losses but also use the plant protection products in a much more rational way. At Genomtec we are working to turn this vision into reality since for us all this will mean much better quality food on shop shelves and on tables at home.

That is why we have taken part in the grant programme under the Climate-KIC initiative to which we submitted Genomtec Fresh – a device that makes it possible to reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides by correct and quick diagnostics of soil and plant pathogens. We are truly happy that our technology has been appreciated and so Genomtec was admitted to the second stage of the competition.

The Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme is the largest European grant programme for breakthrough business ideas in the field of environmental protection, sustainable development, energy efficiency, climate protection, healthy food production technologies, renewable energy sources and green construction.

The programme is implemented in 11 regions of the European Union and in Switzerland. In Poland it is managed by Dolnośląska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A. (the Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency)

But this is not the last of our successes! We have also been invited to participate in one of the largest events dedicated to start-ups in the world, i.e. Slush 2018, which will take place in early December in Helsinki. Last year Slush was attended by more than 2600 start-ups, 1600 investors and 600 journalists from more than 130 countries, which means that we are going to present the innovation of Genomtec technology before a comparably large audience. And we cannot wait to do that!

Watch Slush 2017 video!