Genomtec and its Innovative Solutions at Wolves Summit 2018

On April 9, the Genomtec team took part in Wolves Summit, one of the largest international networking events in Central and Eastern Europe at which new, world-changing technologies had an opportunity to present themselves to partners from business and capital circles. During the first day of the conference, the participants of Wolves Hardware & R&D had a chance to talk to Konrad Krajewski – a managing partner and Genomtec experts about the potential of Polish biotechnology and some innovative solutions in the field, such as mobile diagnostic devices: Genomtec ID and Genomtec Fresh. It was a unique opportunity to see how small Genomtec Fresh really is, even if it is as powerful as a real laboratory. The Genomtec team also talked about prospects for the immediate future: how we will soon be able to test our blood or urine sample at home and get the result in 20 minutes in a simple and intuitive process. These are actually the possibilities that are opened up by Genomtec ID for mobile diagnostics.

This year Wolves Summit brought together the community of start-ups, investors and corporations for the seventh time already, attracting more than 2500 participants from 60 countries: 300 investors, 400 start-ups, 500 scaleups and 450 executives and business people. The overriding goal of Wolves Hardware & R&D was education and providing a networking platform for hardware and R&D experts, including 150 start-ups from all over the world. The array of topics covered during one-on-one meetings, discussion panels and lectures was wide and included the transfer of technologies from science to business, telemedicine and even space research.