Genomtec on the way for a global patent

A portable, smartphone-sized genetic analyser makes it possible to perform a diagnostic test anywhere, within the space of 20 minutes, for a fraction of costs incurred to date: this is one of Genomtec’s inventions. There are many unique and unprecedented technological solutions behind the device that are definitely worth patenting. Genomtec has just launched an international procedure, seeking the patent protection to cover the “method for detection of genetic material in a biological sample and the relevant detection device”.

The global patent process is both demanding and time-consuming, but at the same time it opens the door for commercialisation of Genomtec’s invention around the world. And, importantly, Genomtec’s device and methods can be used not only for the detection in humans of pathogen infections or genetic mutations in cancer, based on molecular biology techniques. In fact, the invention from Wrocław is supposed to find its applications on some other markets, worth billions of dollars a year. Therefore, Genomtec also creates solutions for veterinary diagnostics and the agri-food industry, which is looking for a faster, cheaper and more accurate microbiological control methods.